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A few years ago, while reading NieNie, I was so inspired by the annual Back to School Feast she holds for her family. I immediately knew I wanted to adopt this tradition for my family. I got to work, scheming about how our first Celebration would be. I’ve literally been dreaming about this moment for years. Last night, we prepared our oldest daughter to begin kindergarten with our first annual “Back to School Celebration.” I am so pleased with how our evening turned out. Stephanie Nielson is a beautiful, inspiring person.
The Celebration doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top. I made a few decorations, and added a few traditions of my own, in order to complete the evening. Here’s our list of events:
Back to School Celebration
Royal Feast
Unveiling of the Family Theme
Father’s Blessings
Roll Out the Red Carpet: Fashion Show
Special Story Time
Magic School Bus Surprise
In more detail….
We started by welcoming everyone to the dinner table. We recognized our oldest daughter, by placing a crown on her head. The crown is just a burger king crown that I spray painted pink, and let her decorate. She had a great time!

We then had a Royal Feast of Homemade Spaghetti Sauce and Meatballs with French Bread. A new tradition was started was going around the table asking each person what their High and Low for the day was. We figured if we start the tradition early, then by the time they’re teenagers, we hope they’ll be used to it and not afraid to tell us about their day!
I had a fun time making the centerpiece, nametags, and placemats for our feast.

For dessert, we feasted upon these apple rice krispie treats.

Then it was time for the unveiling of our Family Theme for the year, Kindness Begins With Me. We choose a theme each year, based upon what we think our family needs to focus on, or would benefit from. We display the theme and talk about it.

{Still working on a picture for this one}

Next we had a special moment where special blessings of encouragement and love are given to each child from their daddy.
Time to roll out the red carpet and model a few new school outfits, compliments of the grandparents! The “red carpet” is 2 yards of red felt that I bought at Walmart for about $5.
Last, we had a special story time, reading the books, “Kindergarten, Here I Come,” and “The Kissing Hand.”

That wrapped up the evening… it was off to bed.
Next year, I’d like to adopt this tradition from Mique at 30 Handmade Days. I plan to have the Magic School Bus come visit overnight, leaving a special treat for the kids in the morning. I didn’t do it this year, for lack of time and planning. 
Then of course, there’s a special breakfast, pictures of your new student, and a gift for the teacher!
We picked a hydrangea from our yard to give to her teacher.

 Class of 2024. I can’t believe the sound of that! (I was the class of 2000)! I am so happy and excited for my sweet little girl to start a new journey in her life. I was surprised that neither of us were sad or cried. Last year, when all her friends started school, I was all choked up from just the thought of her going to school the next year. Since we chose not to put her in pre-school, (mainly to save money, but also because I LOVE having her home with me), today she was ready. Ready for a new challenge, a new chapter. She (and I) embraced it. It was a special day… (especially for my 3 year old who loved having one on one time with me). I think we’ll get used to this new routine real fast!

Our Back to School Celebration is a work in progress, but for our first one, we had a marvelous time!
What else? Is there anything I’m missing? What are some of your favorite traditions or favorite back to school breakfasts? 

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