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Lately, I have been focused on playing with my kids. I mean, really being in the moment and pretending I’m one of them. When they want me to catch fireflies with them, I run and chase and forget all other worries. We have contests to see who can catch the most. 

Sometimes it feels like their childhoods are going by so quickly. I love them being so little. All they ever want is for me to be with them and play with them. I wish it was always possible. There have been days this summer where I had so much to get done, that I felt like I didn’t do one fun thing with them. I hate being frustrated like that. Things in the house go haywire if I’m not prepared.

My oldest daughter starts kindergarten in just a few weeks! Instead of hyperventilating, (because summer is almost over and there are still so many thing we haven’t done together), I decided to make a little ABC Back to School Countdown. We came up with a lot of these activities together, and the idea is for us to do one thing a day until school starts. 

In addition to fun activities, I also wanted to study a little bit each day and review the letters in upper and lower case. She knows them all very well, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a little review and use them each in a word. As we study each letter, we will be constructing an ABC banner to hang in our orange and white playroom. My darling friend let me use her Cricut to cut out all these letters (oh how I would love one of those machines). I’m so excited to finish this project with my kids!

Feel free to play along, and use any of the ideas we came up with. If some of these don’t apply to you, of course there are lots of other things you could do. One of my goals was to do things that are free or cheap, and for the most part require a little outing, or at least getting us out of the house.

(I know this isn’t the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen. I’m trying to learn a little bit about digi-scrap as I go).

I’ll be posting pictures of some of our adventures as they happen. Also, I have no problem rearranging the letters, and doing activities a little out of order. We might have to alter the order of the alphabet a little, to fit into our schedule.
Good luck to everyone else out there getting ready for school!

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