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Did your 4th of July celebrations involve a parade? 
Ours did, and holy cow was it fun!
I have 3 tips for your parade going festivities for next year.
1. Make a sign that says “Candy! Aim here!” or something like it. The people in the parade thought it was hilarious, and we were bombarded with candy (especially from all the little league baseball teams; they thought it was so fun to try to aim candy in the bucket). My kids were loving it. And here’s what I’m planning on doing with most of the candy… saving it for Halloween! Wha-hoo! Great money saving tip, donchya think?
2. Sit somewhere close to the beginning of the parade. If you’re at the end, they might be out of candy by then. (not that life is all about candy… but i’m all about saving $$)!
3. Free advertising! There were so many people passing out fliers for this and that. I had about 50 fliers of my own, for the clogging class I’m teaching. My neighbors took care of my kids for a little bit, and I jumped in the parade and did some clogging while passing out fliers. This was a teeny bit out of my comfort zone, but some times you’ve got to get out there and find your own customers, dancers, etc.
That’s it! Have a great day!

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