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K, so my little bit of this and that for the week is a confession of a silly little something I’ve been obsessed with the last few months. Well maybe not obsessed, but seriously fascinated by. And that is the Royal Couple, William and Kate. My sisters will all tell you that I had posters of him hanging on my bedroom walls during middle school. I would deny that fact, except that just last summer, in the bottom of a childhood box I was unpacking, I found an entire picture book of Prince William. haha! That’s so embarrassing. Anyway, it’s been so fun to see him and Kate in all their happiness and newlywed-ness. I think they are the most adorable couple, they seem so down to earth, given their circumstances, and it seems like they would like to do good in this world. That is so refreshing! What is also refreshing is Kate’s style….
I just love her classy-ness! Which is what brings me to the whole point of this post… Kate Middleton fashion blogs! Occasionally I glance at these blogs, which give a pretty in-depth look at Kate’s fashion. It’s a silly little thing to care about, but I really can’t help but imagine what it would be like to have stylists and a budget like a princess must have. Anyway, now you know how shallow I can be and/or how I waste my time. 🙂
Seriously, I wish I could dress like that every day. She looks amazing!
Also check out-
this interview with the two of them. I love how nervous Kate seems, but then William steps right in and guides her through the interview questions. What a great team. Good for them! 

ps- yes i watched the whole 17 minutes of the interview! we don’t have tv so i have to do all my tv watching via youtube, netflix, hulu, etc. it’s been a great way to save $$$!

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