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Summer is the best season of all in SD. I just wish it would last a little bit longer. It’s not humid, and is just absolutely gorgeous. There are so many things to do outdoors. Here is a list of my favorites. 
M Hill- a quick hike right in the heart of Rapid City.

Harney Peak- a longer hike, located in Custer State Park.

Spearfish Canyon

Deer Field

There’s tons to explore, especially if you drive out Nemo Rd. area 


Mickelson Trail

M Hill- mountain biking trails

Schroeder Rd- mountain biking trails


Pactola- the most beautiful drive out in the hills

Sylvan Lake in Custer State Park

Horsetheif Lake

Canyon Lake

Rock Climbing:

Falling Rock- located out Sheridan Lake Rd.

Needles- near Mt. Rushmore

Sooo many awesome places, I can’t even name them all.
I know that’s kinda lame, but really, the camping spots are phenomenal.

Black Hills Caverns-
I worked here for about 2 weeks, until I had to quit due to a broken back injury

Jewel Cave

Wind Cave



 There’s tons of opportunity! deer, elk, pheasant, duck, etc.

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