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Hi. I’m Rachel and I have a lot of blogs. I am not crazy. There is a method to my madness. Let me break it down for you. I really am not obsessed with blogging as it may appear; I just like to take advantage of technology in useful ways. Here’s a list of all the blogs I own and what the heck I use(d) them for. Hopefully by the end of this long explanation, you’ll decide I’m not crazy after all embrace my wisdom and totally want to start 5 blogs of your own. or not.
T♥R Family Blog– I keep personal matters here on FamilyEverAfter (what you are reading) to a minimum. Our private blog is where you can find stories about our kids, what my crazy cute husband is up to, pictures of vacations, etc. If you are a personal family friend or close acquaintance, and would like to follow along at this blog, we would love to have you. Just send me an email (familyeverafter at gmail dot com).
Update Blog– You can use this to follow along in your google reader, or your own blog roll. Every time I update our private blog, I publish the title on the “update blog.” If you use that address (instead of the private one), then you’ll see when it gets updated, and all you have to do is click on the link to get re-routed to ze private blog. Good plan, eh? I thought so too. It’s a shame only like 3 people use it. hahahaha
Links I ♥– For some reason, me and Google Reader just don’t click. And, I got tired of having a huge list of blogs crowding up my sidebar, so I put everything that I want to remember here, in one spot. It took me forever. Like 3 nights of staying up until 2am. But now its done (almost) and I don’t ever have to do that again. It’s not too fancy, but its useful, check it out! (And heavens no, I do not read these every day. It’s more of a conveniant spot to bookmark a cool blog so I can reference it again in the future if needed).
Family Ever After– You Are Here. I use this blog as a way to keep track of and share my adventures in sewing, cooking, crafting, etc.
Sugar On Top Boutique– I used to have a little etsy shop selling hairbows. It was a lot of work for a little pay, so I “retired.” This blog was used to promote my shop. I still keep it on my radar, in case one I day wake up and decide to reopen shop.
Rach H Photography– I don’t do a whole lot of taking other people’s pictures any more. I realized I’m not quite good enough, I need to get better at using my camera’s manual settings and not count on just “getting lucky,” and I neeeed to muster up the courage to learn Photoshop. I even own CS5 and I still haven’t installed it to my computer because I’m so terrified. Also, the business aspect of it was a lot of stress (ya know, business license, taxes, payments, etc). But for a while, it was a fun learning process. Here’s a few of the pictures I took. If I ever get better, I might do it again here and there for fun. 
Racheldangerpowers– my private blog where I keep track of various personal info.
ShinyHappyHowards– My journal
Reese– When our first child was born, I decided I wanted to have a place to record my thoughts and letters to her, and just silly stories of things she says and does that I didn’t necessarily want to write on our family blog. (since nobody cares about her potty training adventures and my sappy love letters). So, this blog was born. It’s a pain because it means more computer time for me, but its conveniant because I can access it from anywhere, any time and I type much faster than I write. I write in it anywhere from twice a day to once a week and sometimes I have to play catch up. It just depends on how silly she is and how good my memory is. Someday, I’m printing this into a book, and she will take it to college and read it at night and cry and miss me and want to move back home and never get married and live with me forever. Ultimately, that’s what all mothers want for their daughters, right?
Paisley– you guessed it, Paisley’s journal
Weston– uh huh, Weston’s journal
Ok. Now you know how crazy I am. But its an organized crazy. Right?
Rachel 🙂
Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.