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A few weeks ago as I was running my first half marathon, I constructed a little list in my mind of all the fun things I would love to try in my lifetime. There are so many things I want to do, I’m not sure if one lifetime is enough. I thrive on making detailed lists, so here is my silly little bucket list….

*update- I’ve accomplished some of these things! they have been crossed off! go me! hehe

1. learn how to play the mandolin
2. live in the country
3. and live near all of our family (can we have both?)
4. raise chickens in my backyard
5. start a family bluegrass band
6. grow a successful garden
7. cook with all natural cage free meat and drink organic milk
8. hike the appalachian trail with my hubby
9. rock climb behind mt rushmore (although i think its illegal)
10. attend the national CLOG workshop
11. visit Nashville
12. relearn French
13. go on a horseback riding adventure for a few days
14. learn how to wakeboard
15. learn how to invest in real estate
16. have a Paris Girls reunion, in Paris, with our husbands
17.host a hat party
18. be on time for church every Sunday for a whole year
19. meet Rachael Ray, and maybe eat lunch with her?
20. live off the grid
21. serve a mission for my church with my husband
22. never lose my wedding ring
23. understand politics as well as my husband
24. buy my hubby a new truck without telling him
25. go hunting
26. be able to sing like leann rimes (that’s wishful thinking)
27. overcome my fear of snowboarding (i broke my back doing it)
28. get the birds and the bees talk overwith with our kids (i’m terrified)
29. learn how to play better golf
30. fulfill all my organization endeavors
31. do one random thing every day
32. do an act of service every day
33. pay it forward
34. pay it backward (ie- take our parents on a trip someday in appreciation of all the ways they’ve helped and supported us)
35. have a retreat someday with my 4 sisters
36. learn the rules to football once and for all
37. spend a few days in each state
38. revisit Hungary with my hubs
39. take him to a Chicago Cubs homegame
40. be better at styling my hair
41. have an amazing library like my mom’s and read every book in it
42. spend a day in a hammock reading
43. learn how to use Photoshop CS 5 (still sitting on my shelf….)
44. build and design a home
45. figure out a scrapbook/archiving system for my family’s thousands of pictures and saved art projects
46. actually organize all those pictures
47. take a photography workshop
48. attend a runway show with Tasha
49. burn all our family home videos to dvd and send copies to grandparents
50. watch all of my childhood home videos with my whole entire family and laugh until we cry
51. see “Wicked”
52. live to see a temple built in the Black Hills
53. own a hippie van
54. watch all the Star Wars movies in order
55. spend some time on a dude ranch
56. visit Nachotiches, Louisiana, where my husband’s father grew up
57. learn to love crab and lobster
58. paint something really cool
59. have a family picture taken every year
60. learn how to build a fire from scratch
61. swim with dolphins
62. go to hawaii with my husband
63. bask in a field of sunflowers
64. memorize all my church’s hymns
65. get a trampoline
66. read the entire bible
67. learn to speak Hungarian
68. get better at double-doubley’s (clogging step)
69. get certified in CPR
70. beat my husband at chess
71. watch my husband behind the scenes at work
72. organize my basement
73. get better at color scheming
74. be forgiven for the heart i broke in college. i handled that situation horribly.
75. travel to Jerusalem, guided by my brother in law Levi
76. jump rope for exercise
77. be a better swimmer
78. build a huge lego house with my kids
79. be a good floral designer, and learn all the latin names for flowers
80. go a whole day without having to say “no” or “hang on” to my kids
81. have a huge haunted house on Halloween
82. grow my own cotton, spin my own thread and weave my own fabric (kidding!!)
83. but i would love to design my own fabric someday
84. take the kids to see Niagra Falls
85. pay off our student loans in record time
86. have a detailed food storage system
87. visit every small town in South Dakota with my husband
88. see George Strait in concert
89. teach my kids how to clog
90. have time to play tennis
91. cook a turkey
92. make a cool Christmas advent calendar for each of my kids
93. get certified to teach aerobics
94. tone my arms better
95. learn more about my ancestors
96. bike along the Lost Coast
97. never lose sight of my priorities
98. share my testimony in meaningful ways
99. raise our kids to be loving and kind
100. be with my family forever
101. write a love song for my husband
…..and counting
 (you’ll see skydiving is not listed. i have absolutely no desire!)
And just for fun, here’s a few of my favorite things already accomplished….

witness my daddy coming home from 2 wars (Desert Storm and Somalia)
play Clara in the Nutcracker Ballet (i was eleven)
perform in a singing and dancing group with my big sister
visit almost every state (still need to see alaska, washington, and alabama)
visit Prince Edward Island
work on my grandparent’s blueberry farm in northern california
go to BYU
sew a quilt
marry the boy i had a crush on since i was 12
went to the senior prom with him
spend a semester in France
see the Eiffel Tower
eat escargot
attend a session at my church’s general conference
work at a golf course mowing the rough and raking sandtraps
learn how to drive a stick shift
dance on the BYU Folk Dance team
visit Hungary 
teach middle school
become a mother
donate my hair
run a half marathon

backstage  at “Bach to Broadway” with my sister when we lived in Ft. Hood, TX. one of my favorite memories!

next time you’re bored, think of a bucket list and write it down! 
(i’m currently making one with my kids for the summer). 
it is fun!
Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.