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This is a sponsored post by the GardenTech Sevin Brand. See full disclosure
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I’m so happy that I decided to plant a garden this year. For a split second, I considered not planting one since I would be in South Dakota for a couple of weeks over the summer, and I was worried about my garden not getting watered. Lucky for me, it has rained almost a ton since I’ve been gone.  One thing that I am not excited about is the bugs! Right before I left on my trip I noticed that my basil was starting to get eaten by not me, but bugs! Grrr! Time to combat those nasty buggers.

Garden Tech Sevin to the rescue! I sprinkled Sevin around all my plants before I left town. I am hoping this will keep the bugs away and things will look awesome when I get home. I used it in my garden last year and it worked really well… (my garden was so huge and lush)! 🙂

It is designed to keep away many insects, including ants, caterpillars,
Japanese beetles, white grubs, ticks, and earwigs! We have so many earwigs, its so gross. The bottle even says you can sprikle Sevin around the foundation of your home to prevent earwigs from entering. So I did, and I hope that it will help keep them at bay. I’ll let you know 🙂

So take that bugs! Thank you Sevin for helping me save my garden!

GardenTech Sevin
·        GardenTech®
Sevin® Brand Insecticides have been trusted by homeowners and professionals
to control a wide variety of outdoor insects, including ants, caterpillars,
Japanese beetles, white grubs, Lyme disease-transmitting ticks, and other
listed insects.
·        With
a dual mode-of-action, Sevin® Insecticides break down easily in the environment
and can be applied throughout the growing season right up until the day
before harvest.
·        While
Sevin® Insecticides are designed for outdoor usage, they can be applied
on household plants so as long as the plants are taken outside for treatment;
once dried, the plants can be brought back inside
·        The
Ready–to-Use formulation is ideal for container gardens and potted plants,
Sevin® effectively prevents more than 100 listed nuisance insects.  

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