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This is a sponsored post by the GardenTech Sevin Brand. See full disclosure
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Before I left for vacation a few weeks ago, I gave my garden a good spray of Garden Tech Worry Free. And then guess what? I didn’t worry about it šŸ™‚ I was away for just over two weeks. The rainy forecast provided ample water for my garden. And the Worry Free kept the bugs at bay. I was excited to come home and see what kind of progress my plants had made. I was so surprised by how much it had grown! I’ve used my cucumbers and herbs a lot already, and I’m anxiously awaiting my tomatoes and peppers.
This is when I sprayed the garden for bugs a couple of weeks ago, BEFORE I left on vacation:

I really liked using this product. There were no nozzles to hook to a sprinkler, no mixing chemical solutions, no pesky powders. Just a straight-up spray bottle. It was so easy to use that I even let my daughter help spray our plants.

Here’s a little more helpful information about the product.

GardenTech Worry Free http://www.gardentech.com/downloads.asp
Ā·        With a special formulation that contains pyrethrins, a botanical insecticide naturally-derived from Chrysanthemum flowers, GardenTechĀ® Worry FreeĀ® Brand Insecticides are ideally suited to protect fruits, vegetables and ornamentals.
Ā·        The line of specialized insecticides provide fast-acting, effective control of more than 250 crawling and flying insects, including ants, caterpillars, mites and Japanese beetles.  
Ā·        As an insecticide and miticide, the GardenTechĀ® Worry FreeĀ® line works on contact, quickly penetrating and disrupting the nervous system of targeted insects and mites. A few minutes after application, the insects are unable to move or fly away.
Ā·        Worry FreeĀ® Insecticides can be applied throughout the growing season, including right up until the day before harvest to kill ā€œlast minuteā€ vegetable garden pests. Initial application should occur at the first sign of insect infestation, preferably before extensive damage and feeding has taken place. The GardenTechĀ® Worry FreeĀ® line even kills insect eggs during the dormant stage.
Ā·        The line is suitable for use in home vegetable and flower gardens, nurseries, home greenhouses and orchards. This includes a wide range of plants: vegetables, fruit trees, garden fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, roses, flowers, shrubs, evergreen and shade trees, and other outdoor plants.
Ā·        To address a broad spectrum of needs, GardenTechĀ® Worry FreeĀ® Insecticides are available in concentrate, dust, hose-accessible (ready-to-spray) and ready-to-use formulations.  

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