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Creating a Home Your Children Will Love

“Hi. I am Eva Stephen, today’s proud guest at Family Ever After :).
Today I am going to share a couple of ideas on how you can get your
children involved in creating an atmosphere that your kids will love and
be comfortable in. You don’t need to learn any special skills to do
these projects. All you need is a little creative sense and possibly a
small budget. I’d love your comments below.” 

Whoever has children knows that the kind of love they feel for their precious ones is impossible to describe; it’s certainly the most loving feeling imaginable. Caring parents want to do what is best for their little ones, starting from proper education and upbringing, to providing them with happiness as much as that is in their power.

As much as it may sound unimportant to some people, one of the ways to make children feel protected and loved is to create a warm, lovely home for them. It makes a world of difference where they sleep, where they eat, where they fight and make up with their siblings and how the appearance of their surroundings affects their mood each day.

Children like cozy rather than minimalistic and empty looking. So, if you are into trendy minimalistic decor, you might want to wait until your children are older to fulfill your home decoration dream.

Warm, happy colors, thick rugs and lots of interesting items around the place will give your home that crowded look that will make your children feel comfortable and safe.

Its not unusual to consult your children when you’re ready to repaint your home. They like helping out and having an opinion. If their ideas about your wall’s look are too radical, you can patiently teach them about matching colors and explain why black walls might not be such a good idea for a dining room.

Still, they should at least be able to have full control over their bedroom walls. If they make a bad choice, that’s one way to learn about how (not) to go about wall colors. But don’t let them live with the consequence of their choice for too long.

When buying new furniture, again make sure to take your children into consideration. They will probably be interested in unusually shaped chairs and cozy armchairs and sofas that you can fall into (and very easily fall asleep in). You can shop for furniture online together with your children via shop 4 furniture. That way they can also give an opinion about what they’d enjoy using.

Make sure each room has some sort of educational items in them that will prod your children to ask questions. For example, place a desk world globe in your study, fruit shaped accessories on walls in the bathroom, glow-in-the-dark letters and numbers in your bedroom. That way your kids can learn something new in each room.

Reserve at least one wall somewhere in your house where your children will be able to express their artistic skills. Let them do whatever they want on that wall: paint, draw, write, stick stickers, dip their hands and feet in paint and place them on the wall, etc.

You should also support and encourage your children’s creativity by showing off their work on other walls, refrigerator, or anywhere else around the house. Try to think of a stylish new way to present their art, like placing it in vintage frames, pinning it to a board together with some vintage looking photos, pressed leaves and flowers, etc. Plum Print and Kizoa are some solutions available online to preserve your children’s art and share it with your friends and family.

Fill your home with pretty DIY projects you made with your children: reupholstered chairs, handmade lamps, wall art created from branches and leaves. Visit and try this easy floating leaf wall art DIY at all parenting.

Also make sure you have many windows and lots of light coming into your house. Light really works magically on our mood. Let your children feel free, playful and happy in your home and they’ll grow into happy people.

Once upon a time…

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