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Hi! I’m Rach H. 

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

I am:
married to the boy I’ve loved since I was 12.
a mother to 3 delightful children.
a former middle school sewing teacher.
so glad you are here.

I ♥:
my God.
my family.
my friends.
country music.
happy people.
to make stuff.
to clog.
and dance.
to take pictures. 
dark chocolate.
Shirley Temple.
having 4 sisters.
MAC makeup.
Disney World.
Some pictures:
This is me.

This is me and the incredible man I’m married to.

We go way back. We grew up in South Dakoooota.
 Best.day.ever. Cold, but amazing. We were married here in December 2003.
 Here we are kissin’ in front of our high school. This is after we were married of course 🙂
Oh look. Now we have a little family.
 Two girls and a boy. They grow up so fast. {tear}
 I love to cook, but sometimes I just stick my camera in the oven and pretend I’m cooking.

  I like to sew.
I even majored in it at BYU!

 Sometimes I like to run.

I am absolutely obsessed with sunflowers.
There’s me jumping.
 Sometimes I look to the side for no reason and have someone take a picture.
  I am a sister to 4 of the world’s most amazing people.
I love the outdoors and do not think I could ever survive in a big city long-term.
Unless it was Paris, where I studied abroad for a semester with these amazing girls.
And I just love to take pictures!
A few videos:
Me clogging while pregnant. Awesome.

Husband in Hungary. (read more here)
Our redneck kids. (read more here)
Here’s the long version:
Narcissistic much? haha.
I grew up an army brat, and had lived in six different states by the time I was twelve.  Finally my family settled down, in South Dakota of all places.  And what an incredible place- a piece of my heart will always belong there.  I met “my boy” when we were twelve- his family invited mine over for dinner the week we moved in.  We didn’t exactly hit it off and become best friends at the age of twelve, but for me, well, my life was never the same (cue the “hallelujah chorus”).  I’m pretty sure the highlight of my existence as a teenager was when he said hi to me in the halls at school, or the one time I danced with him at a church barn dance.  Sooner or later, when we were ready, the stars aligned, (jk) and our senior year we became best friends.  He played the violin and guitar in a band, was a golfer and hunter.  I did ballet and worked for a law firm.  We were in the same French class.  The rest is history. He is an incredible person and I thank my lucky stars every day that I get to spend forever with him.  I loved him back when we were practically kids, and I love him even more every day.
During college, we both ended up at BYU.  I was fortunate to have a lot of experiences that enriched my life and helped me discover who I am and what I love….  Here’s a quick recap:

  • Freshman year- worked in the MTC post office and tried out for the BYU Folk Dance team where I danced for the next 3 years.  Oh! and broke my back due to a snowboarding accident.
  • Sophomore year- spent a semester doing study abroad in France, one of the happiest times of my life!
  • Junior year- lived in the French foreign language housing, and went on tour with the Spring Performing Arts Folk Dance Company.
  • Senior year- finally declared my major in Family and Consumer Science Education- a composite major focusing on 5 areas of discipline- sewing and textiles, food science and prep, interior design, family management, and education.
  • Super Senior year- did my student teaching and got hitched in the Salt Lake Temple. 
After college, I used my degree and taught 7th and 8th grade sewing and TLC (technololy, learning and careers) for a year.  I would have loved to keep teaching, but we had our first baby and moved back to South Dakota for the next phase of my husband’s schooling.  I’ve been a clogging teacher, had an etsy shop on the side and took interest in photography, but being a mom definitely the best “job” I’ve ever had.  We have three kids now- two girls and a boy.  I love being a mom!  I am so happy to have children to teach and grow with and play with. We’re now in a new phase of life. School’s over, but my husband is still in the training phase of his job. In a few years, we will be able to call it a real job. (After 12 years of schooling and training)! I’m not sure how many more moves there are in our future, but I sure am excited to put our roots somewhere!

   {have you ever cut your hair with a rotary cutter? me either.}

On the Blog:
(er, most of the time. There is bound to be a day I miss every so often, and that’s ok)! 
I do not think I could have a blog without at least one day dedicated to food. I love food! In fact food is one of the main reasons I started this blog! I needed an easy place to share recipes with family and friends who had been asking for certain things.

I love being inspired by good tips. So I’ll post some tips- could be anything- that work for me! If its not a tip, its a tutorial of something I’ve made. If there’s no tutorial available, then maybe I’m just showing you something I have completed (ta-da)!

Who knows what this could be! Perhaps a What I Wore Fashion type of thing. 🙂 Or maybe a series I’m having on my blog. Events I hold are Sew-vivor in the spring, and an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party Shindig at Christmas!

Things that make me smile, think, laugh, be inspired. 

Party goes up Friday night at 7:30pm EST. Come link up your projects, recipes, ideas… whatever makes you amazing! Then check back the following week to see if you got featured!
{SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL} GUEST OR GIVEAWAY: I thought this would be a great day for giveaways, blog swaps, guest posts, etc.

{SUNDAY}: I take a break! I try to update my family blog this day.

Why I Blog:

I have project ADD. I’m sure of it. 
It’s self-diagnosed, but here are the symptoms: Piles of unused fabric and ribbon. Disorganized pictures. Empty walls. A to-do list a mile long. A bunch of recipes to try. Ideas out the whazoo.
I really needed to find a cure. What is it? THIS BLOG! It’s motivating to get myself all nice and organized.
Let me tell you what I have learned from this disorder…
1. I may never be cured, and that is ok. You can only get so much done in a day (and things like being a mom are always more important).
2. But on the days where I can do both, this blog sorta beckons my name, has really motivated me to think creatively outside the box. I don’t do what I do just to blog, (of course not), but every day I let my imagination wander to all the ideas I’d love to try one day, and perhaps post here on the blog.
3. Because of this blog, I have “met” so many other women with the same exact disorder. Women who are creative, passionate, giving, frugal, smart, funny and just plain amazing.
4. My house isn’t perfect, the “list” is never-ending, I don’t have moolah or time to do all the things I’d like. Crafting can be expensive and time-consuming sometimes, darn it! But that is okay.
5. That is why in the future my motto might change, but for now….
if its easy, quick, cheap, functional, and awesome, then I like it!!!
6. So, so many people have inspired me. My family/friends in real life, and countless other bloggers. If I ever help to inspire even one person to try something new, like cooking from scratch, dusting off that old sewing machine, saving a buck, broadening your horizon somehow, then I will feel like I’m paying it forward.
7. I just like blogging. It’s a fun hobby, and since we don’t have cable, its my way of keeping connected to the rest of the world. In a crafty kind of way. (ps- we are not against cable. we’re just waiting until we can afford it). 
Thanks for stopping by! I hope you have the…..

Please feel free to leave a comment and say hi!!!

Once upon a time…

I started a blog. This is a tale of my projects, goals, and dreams. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by. I hope you have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Rach H.